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"You don't need a silver fork to eat good food."
-Paul Prudhomme
Imported Exotic > Dry Fruit
  • Dried Ginger
    Dried ginger is nothing but fresh ginger which undergoes a drying process before being used. Dried ginger is usually powdered and then used in making spices and masalas which are used in gravies, curries, marinades, stews etc. Dried ginger is crushed or powdered and then used to brew teas. It is crushed in Indian, specifically Punjabi marinades for Tandoori starters, veg as well as non-veg.
  • Dried Guava
    There is nothing healthier as a snack than dried guava. This dried fruit also comes with a lot of health benefits. Also known as a super fruit, dried guava is a rich source of dietary fibre, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex, Lycopene and potassium and is extensively used in candies, marmalades, jams etc.
  • Dried Kiwi
    This dehydrated fruit is low in fat, moderately low in calories and provides healthy minerals and fibre. A serving of dried kiwi also includes 0.5 g of fat, a low amount that makes this dehydrated fruit a good option for low-fat diets.
  • Dried Muskmelon
  • Dried Papaya
  • Dried Pineapple Rings
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